Lol Vs Dota2

For many years League of Legends (LoL) and DOTA 2 have played crucial roles in the MOBA genres. They also helped in developing esports.  All credit goes to the strong competitive scenes and consistency in the game mechanism. A common question remains: which game is better between LoL and Dota 2?  It is easy to answer because the League of legends players obviously choose LOL and Dota 2 players choose DOTA2. A novice in this field needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both of the games.

The key factors of the league of legends and DOTA2:

  • Playing strategy of DOTA 2 is quite difficult and League of Legends is easy to learn. It can be said that Dota 2 players need to acquire more knowledge than LOL players. 
  • League of legends has users of around 70 million and on the other hand, DOTA 2 has 43 million users. It can be said that LOL is more popular than Dota 2.
  • Some experienced that League of legends is less toxic than Dota 2. Because the players experienced fun making games and more challenging and the mechanics which are not present in LOL.
  • The playing strategy, tactics of Dota 2 stimulate the brain of players. DOTA 2 gaming strategy gives the lesson to the players learning from mistakes. The experienced players who play the toughest version of Dota 2 got the best outcomes of the psychological test. The League of legends does not demand a higher intelligence level at all.
  • The Action real-time strategy (ARTS) tells that the two MOBA genres DOTA 2 and League of legends demand different things. Dota 2 stresses more on the e-strategy and the LOL puts emphasis on the tactics. Your long-term goal is defined by strategy and how your plan helps in achieving it. In the Dota 2 game, you need to plan further and forecasting opponents’ strategy is the main factor of winning the game. The tactics are used for the small steps for a shorter time period. Executing smart and quick tactical decisions is a major factor in winning the game of DOTA2.
  • It can be felt that both champions and heroes are the same. But in reality, both are different. The design of lol’s champion is based on the idea of counterplay. Dota 2 heroes endeavors to achieve excellence in one role and being bad in the other games. Lol’s champion on the other hand is an expert in the other areas.
  • The idea of anti-fun is crucial for LOL compared to Dota 2. 
  • League of Legends and Defence of Ancients 2 (DOTA2) are the two money-making biggest online platforms.  But DOTA 2 gives more prize money compared to LOL.
  • DOTA used the original warcraft client engine and some of the people who worked with Dota 2 created the LOL. It can be said that each game has some advantages and disadvantages.