Fornite, the name of one of the video games which was developed by epic games and released in the year 2017. But numerous content creators stopped playing Fortnite for some reasons which are present as a part of the game till now. It is a way of earning income rather than a competitive play.

The prize it gave to the players in the Fortnite esports

In the 2018-2019 sessions, the esports gave $100000000 as funding for Fortnite tournaments. Due to restrictions on travelling for the corona pandemic esports cancelled the 2020 edition which was going to hold in April. Even in 2021, there are no chances of organizing a tournament by esports for the same reason. But esports gave a reason not to be disappointed also. Because esports decided that they are organizing weekly tournaments and creator cups throughout the year.

What is the cause of banning the Fortnite gaming app

The giant companies Google and Apple blocked the way of the Fortnite gaming app for violating the guidelines enforced by these two companies. The company did not get permission from the two companies before releasing a feature which is associated with monetary transaction.

Why it is told that Fortnite esports is on the verge of the ending

Recently a controversy arises regarding the leaving of many content creators who became famous for Fortnite. The reason behind the quitting is that Fortnite is that there is the absence of competitive initiatives with the commercialization which is carried by game. Many content creators resigned from the game because Fortnite is no longer part of the esports.

Way of joining Fortnite tournament

There are numerous tournaments available in the fortnite game. They are software cup, agent cup, RG-TOURNAMENT etc.Let us discuss the way of joining tournaments.

  • At first, you need to know about the tournament details by going tournament info text channel
  • Then you have to click the tournament lobby at the bottom of that channel
  • You need to register in the above-mentioned channel for participating in the tournament.
  • After doing that tourney bot gives a message to you.
  • After that, your registration is fully completed.

The prizes offered in Fortnite tournaments

The nature of the prize depended on the host entirely. Some hosts organize the tournaments without giving prizes, only for having fun. Besides this, there are several prizes offered in the tournament like cash rewards, gift cards, web series platform subscription codes, etc.

Who are eligible in participating in Fornite esports

The players’ entry into the tournament after completing the age of 13. If the participant is between 13-18, he needs to take permission from his guardian.

How one can start their career in the esports Fortnite

If enthusiastic youths want to start their career in esports, Fortnite gives ample opportunities for building up a career by playing games. Global esports endeavors to dominate in the region by winning the future Fortnite champion series and tournaments. India is gradually making an avenue for popular battle games like Fortnite.