For COD Games graphical settings are generally not perfect in the default state. Here are some adjustments you need to change:

If you’ve noticed Warzone’s settings, you know very well that there are various seemingly endless options in the graphics tab. In this guide, we’ll let you know which are really important and should be changed for better performance.

Here are 4 settings you need to customize in your system for COD war zone 2021:

  1. Adjust the basic settings
  2. Basic in-game settings
  3. Fine-tuning performance
  4. Overview and Gameplay optimization

Let’s discuss all the points in detail:

Adjust basic settings 

Let’s start with setting up the system without the game settings. If your monitor display has more than 60 fps, make sure your system actually allows it.

To access this option the following are the steps need to follow:

Step 1: First right-click on your desktop icon and select the AMD Radeon or Nvidia settings that will appear. You can get it from the menu from the taskbar.

Step 2: Select the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. To do this check the refresh rate on your system display settings

Before looking at the in-game option, there is another setting for Windows. Open your control panel on your system than the energy option within. Be sure to set maximum performance to achieve the most power. 

Basic in-game settings

For a fluid gaming experience, a high frame rate per second is also an important factor. The 144Hz monitor is good, but if you actually have between FPS 40 and 50. in the game, it won’t benefit you. 

You can enable the frame rate per second counter option on the General tab to find out how high your rate is. After changes, you can always see the current FPS while you play the game.

Unless you are playing on a new rig, you will not be able to access the details. 

Here are some suggestions to improve the performance of your system:

  1. You must first verify, the game is using your monitor’s framerate. 
  2. To avoid stuttering when the frame rate per second is unstable, you must activate VSync. This will limits yours in-game FPS to the predefined frame rate that you can set just below.
  3. For Nvidia graphics card, it can be also chosen between Nvidia Reflex and Nvidia Highlights.
  4. You should activate the Reflex and turn off the Highlights while maximizing it to get the best performance with the least amount of distraction.

Finetuning performance

While scrolling down you can find the option that mostly affects FPS and visuals: shadow up resolution, Particle quality, texture resolution, tessellation, and anti-aliasing.

From these options, you have to set the best adjustment between performance and visuals for yourself. 

If you have a stable 144 FPS, you can fine-tune those options further. But if you want to increase performance, you can turn everything off or on. For stable 144 frame rate per second, you can adjust these settings higher, but if you want to increase the performance then you have everything high or low.