Female COD Mobile player, Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, named “Sol”, was allegedly killed by a fellow Esports player Guilherme Alves Costa in São Paulo, Brazil. The incident is extremely shocking as the game world is shaken by this incident.

Oliveira Bueno da Silva and Alves Costa met each other online while playing the COD, the body of Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva was recovered yesterday at the home of Alster Costa. The suspect allowed the police to detain him, shortly thereafter confessed the murder and he stated that he “wanted to do it,” and wrote down the murder plan in a notepad.

As per Alves Costa, the killing was deliberate, and after his actions, he posted photos of the victim’s body in WhatsApp messages as well as with the recordings.

The murder shocked not only the Brazilian community as well as the esports world. Bueno Da Silva is only 19 years old. Recently, she has appeared in many events organized by Battle Girls. The BG project helps to create a safe haven for girls in esports. She went to play for the FBI Esports. 

On Twitter, players are mourning the loss along with the Gamers Elite Clan. In a press release, they spoke of the killing and expressed their condolences.

An announcement was made by Jaguares Esports, expressing sympathy to the family of Oliveira da Silva, hoping that Alves Costa will be prosecuted.

Apart from this

Argentina’s Women Games released an announcement on, where they  criticized “acts of insidious violence against women that impact so hard in Latin America.”

The group is working to increase awareness of the demand for justice and to prevent non-gaming media from reporting violence through video games.

According to the reports, Costa wrote a 52-page book where he has mentioned his “mission” of killing people. While the Gamer’s Elite Costa’s team released an announcement on Instagram keeping themselves aside from the incident and Costa. Gamer’s Elite group said Costa sent a PDF of hatred messages against Christians and a murder video of its member via WhatsApp. 

The leader informed the higher authorities and told members not to share the video.

Police said that Costa has no criminal record in the past, and they don’t believe he has murdered anyone else who participated in the game.

Costa has been arrested temporarily, and he might be received psychiatric treatment to test the situation under which he will be examined.